sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2012

When my second daughter was born, her sister had just completed 2 years of age. She was in a very annoying phase, asking for her mother for everything. Whenever I tried to feed her, brush her teeth or even take her out of the car, she would yell "Not you, mommy!". Quite frustrating, for a father. Then, mommy went to the hospital for almost 3 days to have give birth to the little sister and I stayed home with her.  She behaved beautifully and we got quite close during these few days. Of course we visited mommy at the hospital, but she was with me most of the time. We went to pick up mommy and the little sister at the hospital, and arrived home, and when I tried to take her off the car, the same "Not you, mommy!" returned. Mommy took her and started going home with both children while I was taking some bags out of the car. But on her way to the door, my 2 year girl somehow thought she was not being fair to me and stopped. She started crying, came back running to me and gave me the sweetest hug I even had. She never yelled that "Not you, mommy!" to me again. And if I could choose one moment in my life to live again, this would be the one.

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